Other Services

Mirrors and Shower Doors
Any piece of glass can be cleaned by us. Shower doors are especially important because they can build up water stains if not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. We offer a glass protectant for showers to keep water stains from building up.

Give your guests a great first impression when they walk into your house with a chandelier that sparkles and shines!

Pressure Washing
House washing does a great job to remove dirt from stucco and wood siding. It will give your house curb appeal and a nice pop to its original color.

Smoke Alarm Battery & Light Bulb Replacement
Smoke alarm batteries need to be changed every year, unfortunately not every homeowner has a ladder tall enough to reach them. We can get to those hard to reach smoke detectors and bulbs with a wide variety of ladders.

We are boom lift certified and can handle buildings up to 3 stories.